Tekamal Rapid

Quick-setting hydraulic mortar.
Mortar for instantaneous stopping of water run, repairing of walkways, anchoring, fixing of installations, etc.
Bags: 25 kg

Tekamal Rapid is an aluminate cement-based, quick-setting hydraulic mortar. It sets in a few minutes, depending upon the temperatures of the mixing water, mortar, ambient and the surface onto which it is applied. Low temperature will retard the setting, whereas high temperature will accelerate it.

Stops water running or seeping through cracks and holes in concrete or masonry works of basements, wells, mines, coffer-dams, sewers, tanks; seals cracks at the junction of floor and wall; seals construction faults and holes in concrete; grouts and seals around pipes, anchor bolts etc. It is used whenever a rapid strength development is necessary, especially in the winter period.