TKK’s Successful Outing at 53rd International Home Fair

Srpenica, 18. 3. 2014
TKK, the producer of sealants, adhesives, polyurethane foams, technical sprays and chemical admixtures for concrete and mortar, successfully presented its product range at the recently concluded international Home Fair in Ljubljana.   

The Home Fair is the biggest specialised international construction fair in Slovenia and its surrounding regions. This year, it hosted 24,000 square metres of exhibition grounds for home, construction, builder's joinery, heating and cooling technology, security and landscaping. No les than 585 companies from 33 countries joined to showcase their latest trends and novelties.

With its wide range of construction chemistry products, TKK appeared at the Home Fair as a major provider of specialised construction solutions. It also displayed its products and systemic novelties to both specialists and the general public. 

TKK's sales and technology staff put a spotlight on the following products:

  • Tekapur polyurethane adhesive for insulation plates (suitable for easily, quick, clean and effective gluing of Styrofoam, Styrodur, and mineral wool onto various construction surfaces),
  • Tekadom HydroBlocker Superelastic & Tekadom HydroBlocker Power(products for waterproofing, repairs and sealing),
  • Tekafiks product range (a range of multi-purpose adhesives for bonding, fixing and gluing various materials),
  • Tekasol product range (technical sprays for industrial and everyday use),
  • Cementol product range (admixtures for concrete, mortar and injection grout, intended for general use).

The company saved a special place for its groundbreaking 3mont system – a system for effective, energy efficient and safe installation of windows and external doors. This system (certified by IFT Rosenheim, MPA BAU Hannover, TU Graz, ZAG) is the brainchild of TKK's in-house developers. The 3mont systemcomplies with all requirements for installation pursuant to RAL guidelines and thus meets all requisite conditions for receiving non-refundable grants. A combination of a holistic, simple and effective systemic solution, as well as a possibility of applying to the current public tender by the Eco Fund (Slovenian Environmental Public Fund) helped further boost the interest in 3mont system, granting additional recognition to the successful work of TKK's developing team.

The questions of how to deal with difficulties caused by inadequate insulation, how to prevent various leakages, how to improve thermal insulation, how to seal properly, which adhesives to use, how to correctly install windows and doors, how to improve the quality of concrete, how to add adhesive layers between concrete slabs and how to waterproof with impregnation were only some of the problems and issues raised by the visitors with the TKK's expert staff and for the resolution of which TKK provides a variety of products.

The turnout of visitors, the number of business partners who paid a visit to tour stand, along with the recognition of other exhibitors, prove anew that TKK is a strong link in the entire construction chain both in the region and further afield, and it again made good on the veracity of our motto: The real friend of all professionals.

Further info:

Mitja Costantini
Head of Marketing Division
+386 41 781 336

About TKK Group

TKK, founded 1947, is a company that actively works in the field of construction chemistry in over 60 countries worldwide. Through its branches in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia, TKK assumed the position of a leading player in South-Eastern Europe in production of sealants, polyurethane foams, adhesives and chemical admixtures in the construction industry, with its annual sales exceeding 50 million euros. The company gained the reputation of a producer of high-quality products, confirming by its motto: »The real friend of all professionals«. For further information, please visit us at