The integral policy of the management system

Integrated system management policy includes policies in the areas of quality, process safety and the prevention of major accidents, environmental management, and health and safety of our employees. At TKK we understand quality as satisfaction of our employees and exceeding the expectations of customers who purchase and use our products and services.

We are aware of the responsibility which in long- and short-term is expected of us by the local and wider social community, and is reflected through the requirements for ensuring process safety, lower environmental impact and the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment.

A key component of the integrated policy is the continuous attainment of measurable objectives in individual areas. The company management ensures that all those who work for, on behalf of, or under the control of the company are familiar with this policy, and that we maintain and continuously improve it in line with the expectations of our customers, shareholders and the requirements on which we agreed.

It is our responsibility for the future to:

  • Determine and regulate business methods, quality and process safety requirements, requirements for the prevention of major accidents, environmental management requirements, and requirements for health and safety at work.
  • Ensure systematic implementation of measures to raise the level of quality, reduce environmental impact and prevent health problems and work-related injuries through coordinated development planning and on the basis of annual business plans.
  • Improve process safety management system based on our local and international experience (e.g. ISO 31000, Research and Development), work on the prevention of major accidents and improve procedures for taking action in emergency cases.
  • Systematically train our staff whose work affects the quality, process safety, environmental management, and health and safety at work.
  • Ensure consistency in meeting the interests and expectations of our customers, other users of the environment in which we work and our employees, and to fulfill the economic requirements of the TKK company owners
  • Systematically monitor and certify the quality of our products, services and organizational systems also under the supervision of authorized independent institutions.
  • Control, measure and analyze the key parameters of our operations, which can have a significant impact on the integrated policy, and take corrective and preventive measures based on our observations.
  • Ensure efficient energy use and minimize waste production.
  • Achieve superior quality of our products and services within the defined price ranges, gain customers’ trust in our abilities and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • Give priority to suppliers and materials on a higher level in terms of quality and care for the environment.
  • Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners.
  • Ensure that the established policy will be considered as a framework for setting strategic and operational objectives, and will be respected, implemented and improved at all business process levels.
  • Ensure that the adopted policy will be available to the public and that all those who work for, on behalf of, or under the control of the company will be familiar with its contents in an proper manner, including our customers and suppliers

With objectives defined by the integrated policy, we at TKK intend to ensure high quality of our products and services with fully implemented process security, guaranteed safety at work for our employees, and lower impact on the environment. In this respect, we bring to effect the aspect of a responsible behavior which is a voluntary initiative and effort of the international chemical industry to achieve and demonstrate progress in the field of process safety, health protection, safety at work, and environmental protection.

Srpenica, 09/02/2013