TKK Srpenica d.d. policy for preventing major accidents and reducing their effects

TKK strives to ensure process safety in its operating activities as well as health of plant employees and the population in the plant surroundings, as well as the environmental protection. Our goal is to operate without major accidents that could be harmful for our employees, the environment and our business activities.

TKK uses hazardous materials in its operations, and therefore there is a possibility of uncontrolled release of these materials from the plant into the surroundings, where they could cause harmful effects for the humans and the environment. We have therefore decided to establish a high level of protection from extraordinary events in the plant by making our best efforts to prevent them and reduce their effects, if any. This obligation is reflected in this policy we are carrying out with support of the management and with cooperation of all employees and which is made known to our contractual partners and the general public.

On the basis of adequate programs, TKK will:

  • establish responsibilities and competences of the employees for the safe operation of the plant and for the reduction of risk for occurrence of major accidents,
  • ensure activities in conformity with requirements contained in the regulations in the field of process safety, environment protection, handling of chemicals, safety and health at work and protection from natural and other disasters,
  • prescribe the contents and methods for training the employees for safe work and reduction of risks for the occurrence of major accidents, and carry out those trainings,
  • strive to achieve the lowest possible risk for the people in the plant, in the event of a major accident that could occur in the plant,
  • ensure planning, construction, maintenance and work of all segments and plants and related systems, while observing the good engineering practice and the principles of best available techniques to prevent a major accident and reduce its effects,
  • encourage efforts of all employees to prevent a major accident and reduce its effects,
  • plan the measures for preparedness to take measures in case of major accidents and/or events that could lead to major accidents,
  • ensure adequate preparedness for major accidents in accordance with the adopted plan for protection and rescuing in case of a major accident at TKK,
  • cooperate with the local community and inform it on the accident protection status timely and adequately,
  • inform the population in the vicinity of the TKK plant about a possible major accident in the plant, in an adequate manner.

We hereby declare:

  • that the organization and operations of TKK are suitable for prevention of major accidents and reduction of their effects,
  • that we inform our employees about the possible causes that could bring about a major accident in the plant and adequately train them to prevent major accidents and reduce their effects,
  • that we inform our contractual partners and external contractors about the possible risks for major accidents, that we inform them about the responsibilities and request from them to act safely and prevent circumstances that could lead to major accidents,
  • that we encourage the employees to act responsibly and to give their warnings about safety deficiencies,
  • that we provide adequate equipment to train the employees for the prevention of major accidents,
  • that we take into consideration all procedures for the handling of hazardous materials during the risk assessment, as well as all aspects of the usual and unusual actions of the plant/device ...
  • that we recognize the danger of possible major accidents and assess their possible effects and establish necessary measures to prevent the accidents and/or to reduce their effects,
  • that we take care of adequate control of all operations in the plant that could lead to major accidents,
  • that we create necessary internal documents for securing the adequate operation of all activities, we maintain and revise them as necessary,
  • that we check all changes in the company from the viewpoint of the possibility of major accident occurence.

The TKK policy is regularly reviewer and adapted and/or updated as necessary.

The Director of the company is responsible for the establishment of a safe working system, as well as for its maintenance and for the realization of this policy. The responsible persons for employee training with the goal to prevent major accidents are the Representative of the Management in charge of quality, environment protection and VZD in cooperation with the Authorized person for environment protection and VZD. The Manager of Technical Department in cooperation with the Product Managers of certain programs will be responsible for the safe working policy of the plant.

Srpenica: 9 September 2013